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Wolfburn Single Malt

Wolfburn Single Malt

Art.Nr.: 1000

Volumen: 70cl
vol%: 46
CHF 99.00


Erstes kommerzielles Release im Core Range der jungen Destillerie in Thurso. Nach dem Erscheinen des «Aurora», des zweiten Releases im Core Range im September 2016, wurde dem namenlosen «Single Malt» - manchmal auch «First Release» genannt - die Bezeichnung «Northland» zugewiesen. «Single Malt» und «Northland» sind offiziell identische Produkte. Im Vergleich zu den jetzigen Bottlings gibt es aber sehr wohl Unterschiede.  

 Der «Single Malt» ist in Bezug auf Ratings und Auszeichnungen das bisher erfolgreichste Produkt:

Serge Valentin / Whiskyfun: 85 Pkte.
2017 World Whisky Award: Gold (Whisky Magazin)
2017 International Wine & Sprit Competition (IWSC): Gold
2017 Concours International  De Lyon, Gold Medal
2016 The Fifty Best: Double Gold Medal

3 -jährige Reife (ohne Altersangabe / No Age Statement NAS) in ex-Bourbon ex-Islay Quarter Casks, 2nd Fill.
Abfüllung in Trinkstärke.
Ohne Farbstoffzugabe (non colored).
Nicht kältefiltriert (non chillfiltered).
Rarität, wird nicht mehr produziert, nur noch wenige Flaschen.

TASTING NOTES by Alex Polasek

Farbe: Leuchtendes eher helles Goldgelb.
Bukett: Saubere Fruchtnoten, Apfel, Quitten und Litschi mit mälzigen, getreideartigen und leicht nussigen Nuancen mit etwas (verborgenem) Torfrauch.
Gaumen: Pfeffrig-würzig, nussig, Cheminée, stärkere Raucharomen als im Bukett, und fruchtige Komponenten wie Spargeln (Serge: I agree!)
Körper: Erstaunlich kräftig und füllig mit schöner mälzigen Süsse.
Finish: Markant, mittellang und würzig
Fazit: Facettenreicher, interessanter junger Whisky. Würzig, erstaunlich kräftig und kein bisschen spritig.

TASTING NOTES  by Shane Fraser / Distillery Manager

On the Nose you'll find fruit and malty aromas, with just a hint of peat on the tongue, sweet and nutty flavours are present, which coat the palate to leave a very slight pleasent flavour of smoke. It is a joy to drink. I hope you enjoy every drop.


TASTING NOTES by Serge Valentin:

Wolfburn (46%, OB, 2016) Four stars The very first official whisky by Thurso's Wolfburn Distillery! Some trustworthy sources say they've bottled no less than 62.000 bottles of this new baby, that'll be out a little later this month. It's a 3 years old, obviously. We already tried a 20 month old last year, and found it good. Colour: white wine. Nose: Very fresh, with white asparagus and green apples (not the other way 'round), then a welcome touch of ink, 'new magazine', a smidgen of curry and caraway, and damp chalk. That's all very nice, it seems that there's some texture. That was the case with the 20 mo, but that one was ex-Islay cask. No roughness in this genuine whisky. Mouth: there's an unexpected smokiness in the arrival, some branches and grass, a touch of blond tobacco, a little pepper, traces of soot, and again, maybe, some sweet white asparagus (which I simply adore). At the fruit department, rather plums than pears. Ripe greengages, I'd say. Very nice texture, slightly oily. Finish: medium, fresh, with fresh almonds and more greengages. Rather pink grapefruits in the aftertaste. Comments: thank you Alexander aus Aarau in der Schweiz! I find this little baby extremely good, and am so pleased that they didn't decide to bury it under various heavy oaks and wines. The natural ones will win! Worth a very high score in my book, despite its very young age. SGP:551 - 85 points.